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48th Pokal Loka 2023 - 10th - 12th February 2023

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Record number of countries

10.02.2015, 09:10

34 countries have sent the entries for the 40-th Pokal Loka. Skofja Loka will greet more than 280 young athletes with 110 attendants. The opening ceremony will begin at 6 p.m. on Friday 13-th February in Skofja Loka under the Loka castle. The picturesque, not pretending slope under the castle will entertain the representatives from all countries in parallel slalom. In next two days the youngsters will compete in slalom and giant slalom on the hill Stari vrh. The snow conditions are very good there. The weather forecast promises mostly sunny days. 

The entries are coming

02.02.2015, 17:48

As always in this time the winter began to smile. The snow conditions on Stari vrh are ideal. Also the forecasts for next 14 days are friendly for skiers. We'll execute the whole programme together with the parallel slalom under the Loka castle in the middle of the old town Skofja Loka.

Twenty countries have already sent their entries. We expect a record number of the participants.  


08.01.2015, 13:12



The Organisation Committee POKAL LOKA invites your national children team to participate in 40th POKAL LOKA - INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN COMPETITION which will take place on February 13th - 15th 2015 in Skofja Loka, SLOVENIA.

The competition will be organized in slalom and giant slalom for boys and girls.

 - Children I (U14)        years 2001 – 2002

 - Children II (U16)       years 1999 – 2000

According to the rules for the international children competitions max. 10 athletes (6 U16 and 4 U14) and 4 coaches are invited. The expenses of the accommodation and lifts  are covered by OC POKAL LOKA for max. 6 athletes and 2 coaches for three days from Friday, 13th February, till Sunday, 15th February 2015. More information are available on the website of Pokal Loka:

Entry should reach us not later than 6th of February 2015.

Thank you!

23.03.2014, 11:50

Our friend Jenny Shute, who are coming to our event for a long years, sent us these warm regards:

Just a note from me, and from GBR, to thank you for yet another excellent set of races in Stari vrh.

In spite of difficult weather and snow conditions, you ran two brilliant race days - there are not many other ROCs who would have been able to pull it off in such an effective way. Against all odds, you also ran the parallel slalom, where there was really NO snow!

Please pass on my thanks to all concerned, including your sponsors. For us it is very important event, and it is good to have been part of the 39th Pokal Loka 2014!

I am already looking forward to next year, and know that you will have already started to work towards staging another spectacular event! Thank you for all your hard work.

With warmest regards!  Jenny 

39th Pokal Loka closed

17.02.2014, 12:21

Three weeks ago the organizers of Pokal Loka didn't know how to bring forth this year's programme. The weather and snow conditions were not friendly. Even more the whole Slovenia suffered with ice incrusted trees, electrical pillars and wires. Great damage, one third of the country was without electricity and water.

Finally the weather and the working hands of the domestic club members enabled to carry out the whole foreseen events: on Friday the parallel slalom on brownish snow in the old town of Skofja Loka, on Saturday and Sunday races on the slopes of Stari vrh.

The rivalry of the participants was pretty sharp. Among 32 participated countries Austrians, Germans, Norwegians, Croates, Slovenians and French were stepping out but also some individuals from Bulgaria, Sweden, BIH, Poland and Czech Republic shined. The winners were in the category U-14 Ula Podrepsek and Neja Dvornik both Slovenia, Simon Oberhamberger - Austria and Wilhelm Normannseth - Norway, in the category U-16 Lana Zbasnik and William Vukelic both Croatia, Julia Pronnet (for the fifth time in Pokal Loka) and Sion Demattio both Germany. The team winner, as many times before, Austria, followed by Germany and Norway,

Next year Pokal Loka will celebrate his 40th anniversary and expects a record participation of countries.

39th Pokal Loka started

14.02.2014, 20:57

The participants from 32 countries gathered in Skofja Loka. Europeans were numerically superior, also the young athletes from South Amerika, Asia, Australia and Africa visited 39th Pokal Loka. On Friday evening the organizer opened this children meeting under Loka castle walls.

After the opening ceremony the parallel slalom, an unofficial event in the frame of Pokal Loka, more attractive for public and media, carrying out in the middle of the old town.

Austrian team defeated Czechs in final. German was third and Finland the fourth. Denmark, Netherlands, Poland and Andora fell off in quarterfinal. Fancy cakes were the prizes for the best ones.   

Flags are waving

11.02.2014, 09:00

tl_files/datoteke/pokal loka 2014/IMG_20140211_084632.jpgtl_files/datoteke/pokal loka 2014/IMG_20140211_084335.jpgToday our "flag team" built the poles with flags of participating national team. The flags are located at the entrance to our medieval city and will greet participants and vistiors to Pokal Loka. — in Skofja Loka.