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44th Pokal Loka 2019 - 8th - 10th February 2019

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Enters concluded

13.02.2013, 19:51

This year we'll treat record number of entered countries: thirtythree! Four of them are coming from southern hemisphere: Chile and Argentina from South America, Australia and New Zeland from Pacific region. All Scandinavians are entered. Except Swiss all Alpine nations Austrians, German, Italians and French will come. West Europe is represented maybe with less voiced ski countries Great Britain, Nederland, Belgium, Andorra, Spain and Portugal. Russia, Bulgaria, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Ukraina are arriving from East Europea. Kazahkstan is interesting, it lays part in East Europe, part in Asia. Only Macedonians misses from our former native place. Kosovo who has a special status in FIS is for the first time our guest.

It seems that the competition will be hard. Last year FIS increased age limits therefore old acquaintances will be gathered. The winners of Topolino 2012 Italian Della Mae Lara (twice), our Meta Hrovat and Bulgarian Popov will be present as well as winners of Pokal Loka 2012 Germans Isabella Feistl and Jonas Bolz and Slovenian Martin Rihtaršič. Croatians, British, Dutch, Latvians have excelent individuals. Czechs are coming with the best team winning in this year Ski Interkriterium. The riddle is Austrian team who are coming with new athletes in comparison to last year. Slovenians will enter with two teams of competitors selected on national level. Also the third team of domestic and neighbouring clubs will be presented.               

A large participation is expected

05.02.2013, 11:48

Some ten days before the beginning of our competition 19 countries without Slovenia are already entered. Only these ones, who traditionally participate, are missing. It could happen that a record number of countries will be greeted this year. 

There are some interesting teams. Argentinians, Chileans, Australians and New Zealanders are coming from the southern hemisphere. All Scandinavians - Norwegians, Danes, Finns and Swedes are entered. Russians and Kazahkstanians were announced among the first. West Europe will be represented by Belgians, Dutch, the British and Andorians. Our Slavic brothers are as usually among the last, only Croates, Poles and Montenegrins hurried. 

Preparations for parallel slalom

30.01.2013, 15:21

A couple of photos from preparations for parallel slalom are available in the attachement of this e-mail.

The exhibition showing skiing in Loka region in the past

27.01.2013, 16:48

Loka museum from Škofja Loka is preparing the exhibition under the title "White slopes invite" - short history of the skiing in Loka region. The opening of the exhibition will be on Thursday 14th February 2013 in the Gallery of Ivan Grohar in Mestni trg in Škofja Loka.

Covering with snow under the Castle

19.01.2013, 17:38

On Friday 18th January we started the covering with snow for the paralel event. Unless it seems to be enough snow in this time we have to be insured against unpredictable weather.

In the meantime two new countries sent their entries: oversea Chile and Kosovo. Kosovo membership in international ski federation was proved. And the answer of Janez Flere, responsible in FIS Bureau, was positive. Kosovo can't compete on olympic games, world championships, world and continental cups but other competitions are allowed.   

Introduction to this year's Pokal loka

17.01.2013, 09:53

The international children competition Pokal Loka will be carried out for the 38th times this year. We started when town Škofja Loka celebrated its millenium in the year 1973. Well, forty years! The organization committee decided to favour this round anniversary at the fortieth execution.

Our feast has never fallen off. Besides the interesting competitions taking place on Stari vrh, Soriška planina and once on Črni vrh and Kranjska gora the parade through the old town was always organized. It could be called "skiing passion" after remarkable Škofja Loka Passion - Processio Locopolitana, the oldest preserved drama text written in the Slovene language. The manuscript was written by Loka's Capuchin Father Romuald - Lovrenc Marušič in the domestic Loka dialect. The passion was performed for the first time on 11th April 1721 and then every year untill 1751. It was awaken repeatedly in the year 1936 and after attaining Slovenian independence in the years 1999, 2000 and 2009. Of course our event can't be comparable with this feast concerning the richness of necessary places, clothing and costs, the execution time and above all the media interest. But the number of appeared persons is nearly equal. And we are volunteers. Anyway the warbling of the children from all continents vivifies the old town every year.

At last we want to stress that we are very proud on the Slovenian skiing star, when winning the SG in St. Anton, ranged among six female skiers with the victories in all five disciplines in the world cup history. Three of them were the winners of Pokal Loka: Petra Kronberger, Janica Kostelić and Tina Maze.   

New entries

14.01.2013, 16:55

Last week we got two new entries: from Argentina and for the first time Kazakhstan, who asks to send them visa invitation to clearify their arrival. Argentinian team is training in Europe. They would like to participate with two teams what is unfortunately against the rules for international children races. There are some organizers that allow some countries coming with two teams, for example Czech Interkriterium and also Whistler. But we treat about 25 to 30 countries every year. And therefore we can't afford more teams because from time to time such wishes appear.