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48th Pokal Loka 2023 - 10th - 12th February 2023

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Video from Pokal Loka 2013

27.03.2013, 12:59

Hubert Rumpler's greetings

23.03.2013, 19:34

Our dear ski friend Hubert Rumpler from Austria sent us a cordial e-mail which we want to present you in original language:

Liebe Freunde in Skofia Loka!

Herzlichen Dank für die Zusendung des Video vom 38. Pokal Loka. Da bekommt schon ein wenig Sehnsucht, aber auch Wehmut, aber nicht zuletzt Freude, wenn man das Video sieht, mit welcher Freude der Kinder beim Skilaufen sind.

Ich habe einmal bei einer Frage beantwortet:

"Kinder hören gerne Märchen, erzählt Ihnen doch das Märchen vom Skilauf, Skilaufen ist eines der schönsten Märchen, welches man Kindern erzählen kann."

Zu diesen Märchenerzählern zahlen die Veranstalter von Internationalen Kinderrennen, in Italien, Kroatien, Kanada, eben überall wo solche "Kinderspiele" veranstaltet werden, wie eben in Slowenien, in Skofia Loka.

Nun ist auch für Slowenien die Saat aufgegangen, herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Tina Maze, da kann man wirklich nur von ganzen Herzen gratulieren, aber Tina ist auch über solche Veranstaltungen gross geworden. Nicht nur Tina Maze, viele Talente von verschiedenen Nationen wurden bei Internationalen Kinderrennen angespornt, Weltmeister, Olympiasieger zu werden. Ich war immerhin 32 Jahre (von 1975 - 2007) bei Internationalen Kinderrennen unterwegs und habe vielen der späteren Sieger bei Olympia und Weltcup auf die Beine, auf die Ski geschaut.

Von der FIS leider unbedankt, sind diese Wettkämpfe die wahren  Wegbereiter für spätere Sieger.

Dazu "Allen" Gratulation.

Pokal Loka on TV

24.02.2013, 08:02

All main TV stations in Slovenia reported about 38. Pokal Loka. They focused mainly on the parallel event and the opening ceremony on Friday evening. The comment of Slavko Bobovnik on RTV SLO 1 was interesting: "If the competition in the middle of the town can be organized in Munich and Moscow why not also in Skofja Loka. And the question at the end? What else remains the Greats? Nothing, if we do our best."

If you want to see these videos please use Slovenian side of Pokal Loka website. 

Gallery of pictures Pokal Loka 2013

20.02.2013, 15:54

The survey over 38. Pokal Loka

19.02.2013, 03:58

Pokal Loka is no more only the competition but a feast lasting three days. Unfortunately pretty hard for all participants as for the competitors as for the organizers. Friday begins with the opening ceremony and concludes with the parallel event. This year night event under Loka castle was very picturesque. Norwegian team won before Slovenia, Sweden and Spain. 

The slopes on Stari vrh are not easy but the course was good prepared. Only on Saturday giant slalom the fog disturbed the children. As FIS increased the age limits a lot of athletes came repeatedly. 242 competitors from 33 countries started so the races lasted from 9.30 till 3 p.m.

The competition was wide. Two girls in U14 and U16 won twice: Italian Lara Della Mea (last year Topolino winner) and Slovenian Andreja Slokar. Also Norway was successful twice with Brudevoll Björn in U16 in GS and Vollo Rosberg Gustav U14 in slalom. The other gold medalists were French Fita Mateo among U14 in giant and Bulgarian Popov Albert U 16 in slalom. It was the first year in history of Pokal Loka that Austrians are leaving Skofja Loka without victory. The team winner was surprisingly Slovenia rather tight before Norway and Austria.

The organizers hope the participants were satisfied and expect all of them next year.

Detailed results are found under the file "Results".    

Enters concluded

13.02.2013, 19:51

This year we'll treat record number of entered countries: thirtythree! Four of them are coming from southern hemisphere: Chile and Argentina from South America, Australia and New Zeland from Pacific region. All Scandinavians are entered. Except Swiss all Alpine nations Austrians, German, Italians and French will come. West Europe is represented maybe with less voiced ski countries Great Britain, Nederland, Belgium, Andorra, Spain and Portugal. Russia, Bulgaria, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Ukraina are arriving from East Europea. Kazahkstan is interesting, it lays part in East Europe, part in Asia. Only Macedonians misses from our former native place. Kosovo who has a special status in FIS is for the first time our guest.

It seems that the competition will be hard. Last year FIS increased age limits therefore old acquaintances will be gathered. The winners of Topolino 2012 Italian Della Mae Lara (twice), our Meta Hrovat and Bulgarian Popov will be present as well as winners of Pokal Loka 2012 Germans Isabella Feistl and Jonas Bolz and Slovenian Martin Rihtaršič. Croatians, British, Dutch, Latvians have excelent individuals. Czechs are coming with the best team winning in this year Ski Interkriterium. The riddle is Austrian team who are coming with new athletes in comparison to last year. Slovenians will enter with two teams of competitors selected on national level. Also the third team of domestic and neighbouring clubs will be presented.               

A large participation is expected

05.02.2013, 11:48

Some ten days before the beginning of our competition 19 countries without Slovenia are already entered. Only these ones, who traditionally participate, are missing. It could happen that a record number of countries will be greeted this year. 

There are some interesting teams. Argentinians, Chileans, Australians and New Zealanders are coming from the southern hemisphere. All Scandinavians - Norwegians, Danes, Finns and Swedes are entered. Russians and Kazahkstanians were announced among the first. West Europe will be represented by Belgians, Dutch, the British and Andorians. Our Slavic brothers are as usually among the last, only Croates, Poles and Montenegrins hurried.